Scope of Social Media in India

The scope of social media in India is immense and increasing rapidly. It is the 10th biggest economy and also has the 2nd largest population in the world.  A survey in 2019, which includes the top businesses admitted that 15-20% of their marketing budget is allocated for social media advertising. From that, it is understood the importance of social media in brand advertising.

There will not be any person who doesn’t know what social media is. Isn’t it? But many individuals may not know how it is important in digital marketing and how social media marketing can enhance career growth.  Based on the Statista analysis it is been found that the number of users of the social network in India will be 258.27 million. It is a drastic rise from approximately 168 million users in 2016.

India is encountering development in the number of mobile users; regardless it contains just 16 percent of the nation’s aggregate populace with access to the web. In addition, it is assessed that India’s web clients will end up noticeably the world’s biggest web base, after China and the US.

As purchasers turn out to be more connected with the things around them, from shopping to news and interaction, buyers are changing quick and now being presented to data immediately.

The ascent of social media is another important pattern that has been a standout amongst the most persevering medium of Digital Marketing far and wide. From Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and YouTube, the advertisers have begun making and distributing customized content, stories and channels for entertainment as part of their marketing system.

With the brands having their own app and website which is not mobile-friendly specific, there arises an overlap with those that have mobile-friendly sites and apps. This is because the brand which has mobile-friendly sites indicates that they are specifically looking for a separate channel of engagement. All the marketing channels of social media are popular but different from each other in marketing through their unique models.

At present, India is the second-biggest client of Facebook and YouTube on the earth and if this pattern is to be accepted, traditional marketing mediums like TV, Print will soon initiate social media marketing as being each brand’s pack of marketing cards.

  1. Facebook
    • Facebook has more than 2 billion active users per month and is one of the best media to connect with friends and family through videos, posts, chats, etc.
    • Marketing through Facebook builds trust and it motivates the users to site sign up instead of selling directly.
    • The model of marketing through Facebook includes sharing videos, posts on a page, promotion of page, location, interest and demography based targeting and paid model for boosting pages and ads.
  2. WhatsApp
    • Months active users on WhatsApp exceeds 1300 million as it allows free instant messaging (personal and group) with more privacy.
    • It is suitable for E-commerce, banks, individual service providers, travel and tourism companies.
    • It maps users’ behavioral data by using it as a data repository by Facebook. These are then used by businesses to focus on relevant products to leads.
      Partnerships with various businesses are allowed to communicate directly with users.
  3. LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn is a business networking site that has approximately 500 million users monthly and includes professionals and corporate to connect with each other through job postings and professional knowledge intimating.
    • This platform is apt for corporate clients, B2B and small to medium-sized companies to MNCs.
    • Marketing models include boosting the post and top menu bar ads.
  4. Twitter
    • Twitter is a micro-blogging site to connect with the world through tweets below 140 words and videos.
      It allows freedom of expression of reviews on present issues and has approximately 328 million active users per month.
    • This platform is good for skilled B2C and B2B professionals.
    • Brand image can be boosted with conversation and posts can be targeted using hashtags.
  5. Instagram
    • Instagram has more than 700 million active users per month and it is used for photo sharing and is linked with Twitter, FB, and Flickr.
    • This is accurate for local businesses, B2C, travel companies, lifestyle brands for visual contents, and showcasing the company’s picture through pictures.
  6. YouTube
    • This is one of the best video sharing platforms for local business, entertainment business, and B2C companies which have 1.5 billion monthly active users.
    • Marketing models include entertaining and educative videos to enhance engagement and if the view is more, you will get more money.
  7. Quora
    • It is a social forum to ask questions and exchange answers for that with 100-200 active users monthly.
    • This will fit for education institutes, skilled professionals, teachers and professors as it can establish authority over a subject through knowledge sharing.
  8. Google+
    • 440 million active users. It helps to post and share blogs, follows a community and connects with friends.
    • This is quite good for local businesses, B2B, B2C, and SMEs.
    • Marketing models on Google+ include sharing content to drive more traffic, networking through Google hangouts.

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